25 July 2010


watch your eyes!

assalamualaikum ikhwah wal akhawat whom i love most. how are you today? how's your iman and amal? May He gives us strength to do more good deed as we are reaching Ramadhan just few days

Alhamdulillah, as i realized today's my duty to share something with all of you, i found a really nice qoute from Ahmad Al-Zarruq (d. 846 AH) as i came across a nice and fantastic inspiring book by Sis Zabrina. Ahmad Al-Zarruq once said something so true which is

"Watch you eye, should it ever reveal to you the faults of others, Say to it : 'O my eye, other people have eyes too!' "

wow. subhanallah! incredibly wise and true words. don't you agree? this qoute made me think so many times. as i don't like others to jump to a conclusion or assumption about me after seeing me with a single mistake, is it fair to the because i always judging people just after seeing them even only in one slip up? so it must be a NO right?

hmm. this qoute really made me feel terribly bad. if i really don't want others to do that to me, doesn't it make sense they wouldn't want me to do it to them too? after this, i SHOULD NOT do that to others anymore. i cannot easily conclude my opinion, or label them by just seeing, or hearing, or even reading one thing about that specific person? (as i always do it to my lecturer during our first lecture - first impression i think)

hmm.i'm running out of time. may this sharing means something to all readers. May Allah bless us with His Mercy :)

till then, wassalam.

*sorry for too many grammatical error in this post. just ignore it or you may correct it. it's my pleasure.this is my first shot actually to write something in english. just to improve my english from good to better.


nadiahusna said...

a brave and out of the ordinary attempt made by sara i must say..you're doing fine!(compliments~)and i dearly hope that posts like these do come more often.We need some changes here and there to widen our horizon..try arabic too...:)

AmirSyafiq said...


saraH²amizah said...

thanx my dear sahabat, husna :)
i have to admit that english is sooo very important know T_T. so, let us write in english :)

amir, yes.although it consist only 3 words..

saraH²amizah said...
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