23 August 2011


"When the children of Gaza collect money for the children of Somalia, the world should be crying in shame."

They said:

These are the blacks! They didn't even know how to rule properly, and begging us for money!

They are the one should be blamed! Why do they keep having children and prolong the sufferings?

I'm tired of this! Until when will the African rely on us?

This is a poorly damaging nation! Worthless! Let them die!

No! Its because of the European Invasion. They stole their money and resources and made a misery in Africa. 

Just donate. A small amount of money is enough!

It's not about black or white! These are humans!

I want to help!

I say:

A part of the world is suffering.

Another part of it is rejoicing.

Another part of it is abandoning.

After all, they are still in the same round world.

We are still one nation of human.

Why does God made this part of the world, still existing?

Why does God still give luxury to the other part to continue rejoicing?

Or if you don't believe in any God controlling the world, you think this thing just happen by itself?

Put yourself in their shoe. If you say you didn't ask for what you have right now, neither did they. Put yourself in their shoe.

Then you know what life actually worth for.

After all, you know you'll die soon.

Continue blaming and die. Or keep on saving and die.

p/s: The 'they said' part are some of the comments from people watching the video on YouTube. And those people, are random people from around the world. They DO think that way.


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