25 October 2010

X-RS 2



This is XGen at Raudhatus Sakinah.
Another step to share.
A beautiful moment with beautiful people.

Ice breaking. Starting the day with merriment.

..Dam Dam Dara..

Farhana was preparing her presentation, the first talk slot for the day. She has not been presenting for almost a year, this slot made her heart raced fast enough.

But she turned out to be the most humorous speaker!
With the best body language, and the best real-life experience! (ehem..)

But her nervousness couldn't beat my cold hand. Right?

The last minute backdrop.
"Agar bidadari cemburu padamu."

at the end of the day, it became,
"Agar bidadari cemburu padaKU."


In the making of 'Botol Keazaman'
(now you got the name eyh, Faizah?)


Not much to share, and I found it so hard for me to post this so-simple post +.+ If you are interested to know what had happened behind the scene, click here. And to highlight, it was my fault.

There is not much picture for every slot, since the camera ran out of battery at the very last minute. And as we enjoyed the moment so much, we forgot to snap using our camera phone.

This time, the people were new, than the ones we met at X-RS 1 last time. So it was still felt like the first time, with anxiety of acceptance. But as usual, the love blossomed when the end was near.. but we still need to go, hoping to come another time to meet the same people.

What I learnt, we are not much different than them. Well, at least, for me, who can still be considered as 'new' in tarbiyah, and still struggling to leave behind the old sins. They are in total 'hidayah' state, for 13 months, to discover everything about changing oneself, that's a priceless bonus to them. While we are in the midst of our student life, striving for something more 'worldly', except for those who realize.

Beyond our discernment, every one of us, is given the same opportunity to enjoy the pleasure of having Hidayah. It is just that it approaches everyone in a totally different, unique, and unexpected yet remarkable way. The one who succeed is the one who realize that God is actually knocking his heart, throughout either hardship or prosperity.

Each second counts. Realize that He is always there.



Nur Jannah said...

with more than 10 times reference to the dictionary +.+ another reason for late post. wee~

ah.susahnya nak menulis.

saraH²amizah said...

alhamdulillah. great job jannah! :)

nadiahusna said...

It's ok.You'll get the hang of it.Im also still having trouble with my language eventhough im majoring in English Linguistics :P

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