04 September 2010


is to do things according to one's will. No matter what.

Then I want to live even my heart stops pumping blood.
Then I want to live with the fish in the ocean.
Then I want to live without oxygen.

Can you? There's a limit.
You are not given a total rights to choose what you like,
what you want, according to your will.

Are you living freely then?

There's rule, everyone is obligated to.


is submitting to the whole truth.
You are free, when you are doing right.
And to do right, you need guide.


theSPREADER said...

kdg2 kita rasa terkongkong bila ada peraturan.. cthnya dkt sek,univ, etc.. tp peraturan tu lah yg memberi guideline kn..

back to islam~

TawfiqRahmat said...

smart. :)

TawfiqRahmat said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jannah said...

Doing what you like, most of the time is actually being a slave to one's lust.

and that's not freedom.

Rasa terkongkong, sebab hati asyik nak ikut kata hati. Tapi ada sesuatu yang melangkau capaian hati dan akal. Bila tak nampak, mula menolak ikut logik sendiri. Jangan sampai menjadi hamba dengan fikiran yang tiada asas kukuh.

Find a way out.

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